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Check out the BROAPP!!

Mar 04, 2014 -- 4:37pm


Let's say you have a girlfriend, and she gets irritated because you can't do the bare minimum by sending a text once a day to ask how she's doing. Enter BroApp. It's a "clever relationship wingman" that automatically messages your girlfriend with pre-canned thoughts and sentiments.When you install BroApp on your Android phone, you are asked to give the name and number of your girlfriend. From there, you can select from an assortment of messages that will randomly and automatically get texted to her on certain days of the week and at specific times, like when you arrive at the office in the morning.To make sure she doesn't catch on, BroApp has a number of fail-safes so that she's not contacted at inappropriate moments. If you've sent her a text in the last hour, for example, BroApp won't send a prescheduled text, lest it give away your ruse. You can even set up Wi-Fi-based geofences so that messages aren't automatically sent to your girlfriend when it detects you are in her home, or other locations where you're likely to be together.BroApp is available now on Google Play for $1.99

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